MUSE TUES: emmanuelle alt

It’s a known fact that the French are cooler. Honestly, think about it. Croissants and baguettes, pebbled laneways, bikes with baskets, the Eiffel tower and love. Yes, any other country in the world can re create the aforementioned, but realistically if you’re not French, it’s highly likely you’ll resemble Napoleon Dynamite on that bike and not some chic girl with nice hair.

Just to shut down your self-confidence a little further (jks, you flawless) here is Emmanuelle Alt. The French Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief has pulled off the biggest joke of all time. Alt manages to fool us into thinking that she woke up like dis, but if you look closely her sartorial efforts are carefully selected from a designer closet. She once said to the New York Times, “I think you can make very strong fashion pictures without shocking,” and seems to have a similar attitude towards her own dressing. Alt’s style is a bit androgynous, a bit Kate Moss and a perfect mix of downtown cool and uptown sophistication.

The feeling I get when I look at Ms Alt is not dissimilar to the feeling I got when the best selfie of all time circulated the internet.  Holy Hell, yes.



‘Funky offish’ is a new term that you need to add to your vocab. Unsure of the definition? Just search Julia Sarr-Jamois in Google and there you have it.

If you don’t spot her hair, then her clothes will catch your eye. She is the apple of street styles eye, owns well over 20 pairs of Nikes. So what’s not to love?